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Chronic Ear Infections

…I became so run-down with chronic ear infections, constant fatigue and neck/back pain…friends and family were complaining about my moodiness. I needed help! I had already tried conventional medicine, maybe it was time to research alternatives? I read and researched and decided to make an appointment with Dr. Kalina. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Within days my energy started to skyrocket and my headaches, numbness and tingling diminished. My reliance on pain relievers was remarkably reduced and my outlook on life improved. I adhered to my recommended adjustment schedule and with each passing week I kept feeling better and better…so much so that I finally felt I had enough energy and willpower to quit smoking! Chiropractic has had such a powerful effect on my life that I go out of my way each and every day to spread the word: Chiropractic works! - OLIVER, Oakville
Low Back & Neck Pain

I “Googled” Dr. Kalina’s clinic online. I was suffering from a sore lower back and from neck pain. These problems interfered with my daily routine…I was stiff…and grumpy! After only 3 months I began to notice improvement. My neck pain is finally gone. As well I had a sore knee that presented itself and chiropractic helped with that a lot too. I would recommend chiropractic to others, and I thank Dr. Kalina for all his help with our twin 5-year olds as well! - SARAH, Mississauga

A Patient For 17 Years

I’ve been a chiropractic patient for 17 years. In the beginning I had chronic lower back pain and suffered from frequent headaches…both of which interfered with my daily routine. Within two months I noticed improvements. I haven’t had a cold in many years now, have fewer headaches, and I can participate in more activities now than ever…along with a much better attitude. I am very happy with my weekly maintenance care. - LORNE, Mississauga
Digestive, Anxiety & Concentration Problems

I suffered with digestive issues, nervousness, lack of concentration, neck and back pain and numbness in the legs. I felt like I couldn’t walk, I was in horrible pain, and my digestive system was awful. I was anxious all the time. I heard about chiropractic from a friend’s mother. After only two sessions the numbness in my legs went away. After a few months of coming 2 times per week, my digestive system improved dramatically. I began sleeping better and felt an overall improvement. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others. Dr. Kalina is THE best chiropractor! I have been visiting him since I was 12 years old. I recently moved to Barrie and I still make the weekly trips to see him. - NICOLE, Barrie
My Saving Grace

Chiropractic has been my ‘Saving Grace’. I was referred to Dr. Kalina by a kind co-worker who found me walking around the employee parking lot at work crying because I was in such extreme pain. My health problems were many and I had been suffering for many years: constant sinus problems, intestinal difficulties, ear infections, sores on my hands and feet that would not heal, and back pain (at times so severe I couldn’t straighten up). I could not lift my right arm above my waist. After just 3 adjustments I started to see an improvement. Gradually, my appetite returned and I was able to get some restful sleep. My sinuses cleared, ear infection healed, and walking became easier. I believe that had it not been for chiropractic, I may very well have ended up in a wheelchair or chronic care ward. Thank goodness my co-worker cared enough to spread the word about chiropractic! - ANN, Mississauga