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Regular Chiropractic Care Helps Stop or Slow Down This Process

Proper spinal curves permit normal turning
and bending.
Openings between joints allow nerve roots to exit the spine without interference. The edges of the bones are smooth and well defined. Equal disc spacing is a sign of healthy spinal function.

Loss of normal curves and misalignment
restrict or exaggerate
normal ranges of motion. Ligament
and muscle strength is reduced. Even
with nerve irritation and soft tissue
inflammation, pain
or other obvious
symptoms may
not be present.

Years of accumulated
calcium deposition are now visible. Bone
spurs attempt to
fuse malfunctioning
joints. Adjacent
surfaces are rough and uneven. Joint instability is accompanied by
continued nerve
irritation and disc

After years of neglect, complete fusion has
immobilized the
joint. Obstructed
nerve openings
cause permanent
nerve irritation as soft tissue degeneration
continues. This
irreversible condition is
usually associated with other chronic
health problems.
What Is Subluxation Degeneration?
Simply put...a subluxation is what occurs when the spine becomes misaligned. This doesn't occur just because of car accidents or sports injuries. Sometimes heredity, the birth process itself, or other stresses such as emotional and chemical ones, are the cause of subluxation.
As the natural forward curve of the neck becomes reversed, causing anterior head carriage, the flow of messages from the brain to the body are now beinginterfered with
…leading to many more health issues
if not stopped.
The following is an accelerated video of the cervical spine depicting
disc degeneration and arthritic development over a period of time.
"The human body represents the actions of three laws: spiritual, mechanical and chemical, united as one. As long as there is perfect union of these three, there is health." - D. D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic